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St Philomena's School Moree - Catherine McAuley

Founder of the Sisters of Mercy.

The Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy had its formal beginnings in Ireland on December 12, 1831. Catherine McAuley, in response to the needs of the time, established an institution particularly for the care and education of less advantaged girls and young women. Since that first foundation the Congregation has continued to act in response to contemporary needs in society. As part of this heritage, St Philomena’s School was set up in Moree to educate country children to realise their own potential and to contribute more fully to the wider community. St Philomena’s School today is continuing to maintain its link with the past and re-interpreting its vision for the future in response to new needs.

“Our centre is God from whom all our actions should spring as from their source”
Catherine McAuley