Our School - Principal's Message

We enjoy a reputation for educating young people to serve as school and community leaders. Our aims are embodied in fundamental Catholic principles and beliefs. We encourage respect and value human dignity, the questioning of the society in which we live and the ability to look beyond self interest and help those in need.

Our goal is to realize the potential of all young people who are enrolled at St Philomena’s, and educate them to be the best person they can be – intellectually, spiritually and socially.

It is our hope that we continue in the tradition of our founders, the Sisters of Mercy. We follow the Mercy tradition of:

  • Compassion - We should be aware of and respond to the needs of others.
    Loyalty - We should affirm the Mercy spirit. We should promote the school and all its activities.
  • Justice - We should make fair decisions. We should respect the rights of others. Integrity - We should be honest and trustful in our dealings with others. We should accept responsibility for our actions.
  • Responsibility - We should work conscientiously. We should be willing to take on our positions of trust and responsibility. We should participate generously in school life.
  • Mutual Respect - We should recognize the importance and dignity of others. We should communicate positively and fairly.

Like all Catholic Schools, we rely on the generosity of parents who support us. The parent community is vital to our school. The Parents and Friends Association helps with fundraising and works to build our community spirit. Various groups assist with our school maintenance and beautification and parents are part of the learning environment, helping out in various learning activities. Our School Board brings together the varied groups and seeks to represent the whole school community.

If you come to visit, you will notice the sense of family. Our students and parents appreciate the depth of resources being provided. It is truly a school of which to be proud.

To those who are considering making an application for enrolment, we trust that this important time of your child’s development is a time where we can work in partnership with you to ensure that his or her potential is recognised, accommodated and enhanced.

We strive for excellence in learning and celebrate our successes, joys and challenges in a community of belonging.

The information contained at this site will hopefully prove valuable to you and your children. You are encouraged to contact the school if necessary to clarify any issues.

I trust that your involvement with our school will be full of joy and mutual rewards.

With every best wish,

Karen Jagers