Our School - Staff

St Philomena’s School


Staff List

Executive Leadership Staff

Karen Jagers                                         Principal


Cathy Downes                                      Assistant Principal: Primary/LoP


Richard Clark                                       Assistant Principal: Secondary/LoP


Nerida Finlayson                                  Religious Education Coordinator: (Curriculum)/LoP Primary


Leadership Staff

Mary Davison                                      Assistant Religious Education Coordinator:  

(Liturgy & Mission)/ATSI Focus Teacher


Shelley Humphries                              Leader of Learning Curriculum: Secondary


Pamella O’Neill                                   Leader of Learning Curriculum: Primary


Courtney Gemmell                              Leader of Learning Pastoral Care & Wellbeing


Maree Lovett                                       Finance & Administration Officer


Secondary Staff

Kara Carrigan                       Mon, Tue, Wed                     7CB - Maths, Mandatory Technology

Deanne Battistuzzi              Wed, Thur, Fri                        7CB - Visual Arts, HSIE

Jonathan McCallum                                                            7M - RE, English, HSIE

Lauren Donnelly                                                                  8D - RE, English, HSIE

Alana Goldman                   Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur              9G - RE, Science

Peter McKenzie                                                                   10M - Science, Mandatory Tech, HSIE, Visual Arts

Stuart King                                                                           Music, Maths, STEM

Shelley Humphries                                                               Commerce, Maths

Anna Copeman                                                                     PDHPE, Maths, PASS

Helen O’Neill                        Tue, Wed                               LOTE

Bronwyn Johnston                 Tue, Wed                               PDHPE, Maths



Primary Staff


Ellie Johnson                         K J


Jess Wilks                              KW


Jess Donnelly                        1D

Laura Gibson                        1G

Courtney Gemmell               2G

Georgina Russ                      2R

Melissa Schweitzer               3S

Johanna Jane                         3J

Arabella Fleming                  4F

Elle Fogarty                          4EF

Katie McMeniman               5/6M

Tony O’Donnell                   5/6O

Lucy Wareham                    5/6W

Cath Keen                            ES1 RFF



Whole School Teaching  Staff


Belinda Bremner                 Teacher Librarian


Kellie Downes                     Student Support Teacher




Anna Copeman                   Secondary

Tony O’Donnell                   Primary



Support Staff

Maree Lovett                        Finance & Administration Officer


Tammy Shearer                   Administration Assistant


Simone Dahlstrom              Administration Assistant


Linda Bourke                      Administration Assistant


Juliette Cheetham               Administration Assistant


Danielle Heffer                    ICT        


Kristy Gray                          Canteen Supervisor


Terry Anne Sharples            Canteen Assistant/Library Assistant


Kathryn Annis-Brown         Canteen Assistant


Bernie Seery                        Science Lab Assistant/Educational Assistant


Jane Clark                            Uniform Shop Assistant


Cheryl Guyer                       Cleaner


Adrian Heffer                       Groundsman


Vicki Haddad                       Educational Assistant


Susan Wells                         Educational Assistant


Kathryn Corderoy               Educational Assistant


Victoria Ross                       Educational Assistant


Rebecca Haddad                  Educational Assistant


Nicole Burley                      Educational Assistant


Shirley Johnson                   Aboriginal Educational Assistant


Ema Annis-Brown               Educational Assistant DLES (Minilit)


Brooke Drogemuller            Educational Assistant DLES (Minilit)


Celine Depczynski               Educational Assistant DLES (Minilit)             


Margherita Di Re                Counsellor: Centacare



ISS Cleaning Services (cleaners for M Block, Learning Centre, Open Learning Space, Hall, Admin, Science, R Block and all toilets)