Parent Information - Canteen


We are always in need of volunteers to help work in our canteen. You
would be helping to prepare lunches, serve and clean-up with the
assistance of the canteen manager, Kristy Gray. A school canteen is an
important part of the running of our school with many students taking
advantage of the service. So as the old saying goes "many hands make
light work!!"
If you are able to help out at all, please call Kristy directly on
6751 1349 to discuss further.



Lunch orders can be made using Qkr! Select name, tap on the day to see the menu and place your order. 

 Alternatively orders can be made with name and class WRITTEN ON A BAG (supplies of which are available from Canteen).  Canteen staff appreciates the correct money as this avoids having to give change, which may be lost in transit.  Each class has a system of collection and distribution of lunch orders.